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Kids' Parties

Mini Tanks invade!

The most fun you can have with mud

Mini Tanks are an exciting alternative to Quad Bikes and Go Karts – fantastic for children’s parties or just a great fun day out. They are exactly what they say they are – MINI TANKS! They are engineered in Britain and are genuine miniature versions of the real military tanks used by the army.

Control a real tank

Come to our specially designed battleground at Warren Heath Woods in Hampshire, either on your own or with a group of friends to one of our taster sessions and experience what it's like to be in control of a real tank. Unforgettable fun!

Brilliant for kids!

Mini tanks are real tanks but in miniature so children can drive them on their own. How cool is that? Mini-Tank Elite birthday parties offer brilliant, outdoor, excitement for kids aged 8 and over. The tanks can run in all weathers (even snow) and parents can sit back and relax knowing their children are safe driving around in tanks designed for the job.

Key features

Seriously great fun - now in Hampshire

Mini Tanks have been available in other parts of the country for some time, but Mini Tank Elite is the only track in the South East of England. Our specially designed tank course is convenient for Reading, Windsor, Slough and Guildford and most of South West London.

Taster sessions
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